Some tips for memorizing Scripture:

  1. Utilize the songs on this website by clicking here.

  2. Record slowly in a voice memo app on your phone. Use these memo’s in the car, when you workout, while you get ready for the day, while you cook dinner.

  3. Pray over the text you are memorizing and ask God for the ability to store it in your heart.

  4. Work on your memory every day. Even for just 10 minutes.

  5. As you begin to memorize more and more, begin adding in time to review daily.

  6. Memorize with a friend, or your spouse, or children. Test each other each week.

  7. Write down the verses on note cards and bring them with you throughout the day.

  8. Take advantage of break or rest times throughout the day.

  9. Place scripture is common areas (bathroom, kitchen, car, office).

There are several great apps to help you with Scripture memory - but FighterVerse tends to be one of the best. This App has several interactive quizzes and resources to aid in you memory. You can follow a plan or add your own verses. Download is available here on the App Store.

You can also go to for resources, interactive quizzes, devotionals, and much more. This site will surely be a blessing to you and your family. You can customize your own plan, and be encouraged with great joy as you journey to store up God’s Word in your heart.