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God's Prescription for Killing Sexual Sin (Meditation on Psalm 119:9-11)

Imagine this with me. It is Sunday morning. The music team has just stepped down, the offering is being taken and your pastor steps up to begin the message. However, before he dives into the text, he makes an announcement that at the conclusion of today’s service everyone will need to exit the building in a timely fashion. He explains that your church has rented out its space to be used by another group that day. He continues to explain that in order to help with some financial issues in the church they are opening up their doors for other groups to utilize your space, and today after service, a group will come in to hold a service for the worship of… themselves. This group will sing songs that make them happy. They will hold on to their money. They will praise each other and seek to exalt themselves. They will participate in anything that will further their kingdom. There will be acts of self-worship during this service like sexual relations, cursing, anger outbursts, coveting, laziness, slandering etc. 

Dave Aubrey

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