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A Deep Confidence in Daddy (Meditation on Psalm 119:43-44)

Sometimes, off in a distant room I can hear my children quietly saying to one another, “Daddy told me that I could”, and with bold confidence they proceed to tell their uninformed sibling the “new rule” according to daddy.  Have you been there as a parent perhaps?  I must admit, it’s cute and can be funny listening to them.  For my kids, their hope in my rules run very deep, and their confidence is strong.  They know that if they’re taunted or wronged, I will come to the rescue and uphold my own word to their accuser… even if that’s simply to help them settle a score with their brother or sister over who gets to play with a certain toy!  It is in these fleeting moments as a parent, I see a much deeper glimpse of our Father in heaven.  

Brandon Harvath

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