Meditation on Psalm 119:45-46

..and I shall walk in a wide place, for I have sought your precepts. I will also speak of your testimonies before kings and shall not be put to shame..

Oh the freedom we have through God’s law. Oh the irony. We do not walk in freedom in spite of his law, but through it. 

“Wide place” in this verse comes from the Hebrew word râchâb, meaning broad, large, or at liberty. Liberty makes the most sense in the context of this verse. It is translated as liberty and freedom in the NASB and NIV versions. The Psalmist here is claiming to have freedom as a result of seeking God’s word, primarily the law (affirmed in John 8:31-32). Many of us may already know this to be true in our own lives, but how great a reminder this is for us! The very thing that our flesh is often tempted to view as restricting is the same thing that offers us our freedom. Through the word of Christ we are free to do what is right, no longer bound by sin. Freedom implies a want (desire) to do these things and the next two verses affirm this as the Psalmist states twice that he loves the commandments (Psalm 119:47-48). We are free to live the way we were created to live, and we are able to do it willingly. 

In verse 46 we see the Psalmist’s courage as a result of this freedom. He is able to proclaim God’s word before kings without shame. We have to grasp the power that kings had in this time. If a person said something a king did not want to hear, they could be put to death for it. A perfect example being Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 3. We also see King Ahasuerus’ authority to kill for little reason in Esther 4:11. The Psalmist here is not trying to convey that he will speak of God’s word to a certain people but that he will do it even if it means his death. He was prepared to speak God’s word, and of the hope he has, just as we should be (1 Peter 3:15).

Are you living as though God’s word is your access to freedom or are you viewing it as something restricting your freedom, time, and actions? Is your view propelling you to have courage in God’s Word and boldness to speak it to others? I encourage you today to reflect on these things, and may these verses be a constant reminder of how precious God’s Word truly is. If we were able to correctly view the Word of God, how much more time would we spend in it?

Paula Richard


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